Therapeutic Approach

I have found that we seek career/academic coaching and mental health wellness services for a variety of reasons; many of which can be intertwined. I believe that the counseling process begins with a well-rounded holistic assessment of each individual client, the establishment of both short and long-term goals and a sense of what you are hoping to learn and discover throughout our sessions. This process begins with developing a foundation of trust and a pattern of open communication.

I provide you with the space and empowerment to determine what it is that you would like to address. Throughout our time together, we can discuss your wants and needs in life, your background, relationships and any personal and professional goals that you may have. I have found both short and long term therapy to be effective and those needs can vary from client to client. I have a psycho-dynamic, empathetic and goal-oriented approach in coaching and therapy sessions, and provide individualized care and compassion to all of my clients.

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